Auto Clicker Download for Windows, Mac, Android & iOS

What is Auto Clicker?

Auto Clicker helps you automate clicks, taps and even other functions. It’s very helpful for individuals who’d want to automate a few tasks without putting in a lot of effort. There are many tasks that might be tedious, tiring and waste a lot of time.

Other than this, there are various games that require fast tapping and for those reasons, an auto clicker can reduce the pain of clicking. Auto clickers are competent to run various other functions. Auto clickers are quite useful and can help save a lot of time.

What is CPS?

CPS means clicks per second. It determines the speed at which the auto clicker is working. The rate of clicks per second is CPS. The speed of CPS will determine the usage and the quality of the auto clicker. Many autoclickers have a high CPS rate. There are many auto clickers which are determined based on their CPS rate.

How to Download Auto Clicker

We can help you get the best auto mouse clicker without any third party programs. We will help you download an auto clicker windows using our step by step guide.

Step 1: Ensure that your computer has enough space for the file. Click on the link below to download AutoClicker. This Autoclicker can be used for Windows, iOS and Android.

Step 2: Download the file.

Step 3: Once you download the file, locate the file on your PC. After locating the file, run the program.

Step 4. Now the program will run and the packager will install the AutoClicker for your PC.

Step 5. Once the installation is complete, you can now run the AutoClicker program by either finding it on your Desktop or your Start Menu.

Auto Clicker

How to Use Auto Clicker on PC, Laptop and Mac

Auto clicker on PC is quick and easy to use. Open the auto clicker on your laptop. Click on the Add Robot and add an auto clicker macro. This macro can contain a single or multiple mouse clicks based on your requirement.

Specify the point where you want the auto clicker to click. You can move the mouse to any target point and press a keyboard. This can help you update the point in the window.

With the click interval button, set the interval between two clicks. This interval will determine whether the auto clicker pc will be fast or slow. The smaller the interval the more CPS. Now you can specify whether it will be a left-click, right-click, double click or click and hold.

The macro can run multiple times or it can run until the keyboard shortcut key is pressed. You can save the macro to the macro list. You can also assign a hotkey to start or stop the auto clicker.

This step by step guide can help you download an auto clicker and get the tasks done without any hard work and time.

Auto Clicker APK Download

Auto Clicker Android is the hottest way to use tapping on your phone. There are many apps which would require multiple tapping. Auto clicker APK can help you use the auto clicker on your android phone. The app can be downloaded using the app file and installed on your Android with ease. Make sure to run the clicker test once you install the AutoClicker app on your Android smartphone or tablet.

AutoClicker iOS Download

Auto Clickers can be used on phones as well as PC. This auto clicker iOS can help you download the app to use on your iPhone. iPhones might have strict rules regarding third-party apps. However, this auto clicker iOS can help you use the app on your phone. You can now automate tasks, click automatically and get all your tasks done without doing it manually.

GS Auto Clicker

There are many tedious tasks that we cannot waste time doing. GS Auto clicker is a trustworthy tool to get your job done without having to manually spend hours and hours clicking away. The GS Auto clicker has been proven useful on various occasions and is trusted to get the tasks done. Whether it’s automating clicks or increasing the number of clicks, the GS Auto Clicker can get the job done.

Minecraft Auto Clicker 

Minecraft can be a fun game to play. However, building resources and gaining leverage can be boring as it takes many clicks and is a tedious task. Minecraft Auto Clicker can help you set up auto mouse clicks and tappings without having to do it yourself. You can set it up in the background while you can do other things. This will help you build up resources and get ahead in the game.

Runescape Auto Clicker

Runescape is the best MMORPG game out there. It has been there for many years and has topped the charts to stand out as the best. Runescape has various situations where you can get gold, fight people and in some cases just keep walking. An auto clicker serves various uses and purposes in this case. Runescape auto clicker can help you get ahead in the game without having to work and spend a lot of time.

OP Auto Clicker

OP Auto clicker is a full-fledged automatic clicker that is advanced with a multi-feature. The OP auto clicker lets you fix a location or have a dynamic path along with mouse clicks. This is a reliable auto clicker that lets you perform advanced tasks without wasting time on doing it manually.


Auto mouse clicker is a great tool that lets you perform tediously. The automatic mouse clicks are available on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. These auto clickers have been around for years, yet many haven’t understood the uses. It’s only of late that people have started using these auto clickers strategically.

There are various ways to use these autoclickers. You can use them as we’ve mentioned above. We’ve provided a trustworthy auto clicker that is proven to be safe, useful and dynamic. You can now complete all the tasks that you’d want to without putting so much manual effort in it.